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urban collection laminate flooring ac3 finish e1 certified
Global Alliance laminate flooring pewter

Urban Collection 12 mm      Pewter         $1.89

$1.79 SALE

Urban collection laminate flooring loft grey

Urban Collection 12 mm        Loft Grey   $1.89

$1.69 SALE

urban collection laminate flooring vintage timber

Urban Collection 12 mm Vintage Timber  $1.89

 $1.69 SALE

Global Alliance Home Improvement Products urban collection laminate floor silver plank

Urban Collection 12 mm  Silver Plank   $1.89

$1.59 SALE

atlantique collection laminate flooring beachwood

Urban Collection 12 mm Beachwood  $1.89

$1.49 SALE

12 mm urban collection laminate flooring stone grey

Urban Collection 12 mm   Stone Grey   $1.89

urban collection laminate flooring barnwood

Urban Collection 8 mm     Barnwood     $1.59

urban collection laminate flooring alaska

Urban Collection 8 mm        Alaska          $1.39   

Global Alliance Home Improvement Products laminate flooring truffle

Urban Collection 8 mm    Truffle         $1.39

12 mm urban collection laminate flooring banff

Urban Collection 12 mm         Banff        $2.29

$1.89 SALE

Global Alliance Home Improvement Products urban collection laminate flooring cape cod

Urban Collection 12 mm  Cape Cod   $2.29

laminate flooring labrador

Urban Collection 12 mm Labrador $2.29

$1.89 SALE 

Global Alliance Home Improvement Products urban collection laminate flooring desert sand

Urban Collection 12 mm  Desert Sand   $1.79

$1.49 SALE

Global Alliance Home Improvement Products urban collection  laminate flooring prairies

Urban Collection 12 mm      Prairies        $2.29

urban collection laminate flooring provincial

Urban Collection 12 mm    Provincial   $1.79

8 mm urban collection laminate flooring pine

Urban Collection 8 mm         Pine        $1.39


Urban Collection 12 mm     Chestnut   $1.99

$1.69 SALE


Urban Collection 12 mm        Sierra    $1.89

$1.69 SALE

Global Alliance Home Improvement Products urban collection laminate floor charcoal

Urban Collection  12 mm     Charcoal      $1.69

$1.39 SALE


Urban Collection 12 mm   Urban Grey   $1.69

$1.49 SALE


Urban Collection 12mm  Coffee Bean   $1.69 

$1.39 SALE


Urban Collection 12 mm    Rosewood   $1.69

$1.49 SALE 


Urban Collection 12 mm       Amber   $1.69 

$1.39 SALE

12 mm urban collection laminate flooring tuscan brown

Urban Collection 12 mm Tuscan Brown $1.69

$1.49 SALE 

grey laminate flooring driftwood

Urban Collection 8 mm     Driftwood   $1.59

Global Alliance Home Improvement Products urban collection laminate latte

Urban Collection  12 mm     Latte       $1.69

$1.39 SALE

Global Alliance Home Improvement Products urban collection  laminate flooring saddle

Urban Collection 8 mm      Saddle        $1.59


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laminate flooring Toronto, Barrie, Wasaga Beach



One home decorating option that combines beauty and versatility with refreshing affordability is laminate flooring. This attractive and stylish choice in decorative flooring offers the best of both worlds, allowing even those on a budget to create the precise look and atmosphere they envision for their rooms. From rustic to elegant, the wide variety of looks this flooring offers make it one of the most versatile types of flooring available today. In fact, the best laminate flooring provides a look, feel, character and appeal that rival it’s classier and much more expensive counterparts, which include hardwood, marble and stone.


If you've read many laminate flooring reviews, you already have a good idea of how popular this flooring option is among today's busy homeowners. If not, we offer some valuable information on this webpage, as well as a helpful collection of customer experience testimonials on our Laminate Flooring Reviews page to give you everything you need to make an informed decision about the best option for meeting your unique flooring needs. We are confident that the widespread vote of confidence expressed in our reviews will be reflected in your own experience should you decide to try laminate for yourself.
As highly trusted flooring professionals, we also always invite our customers—or anyone else who may be interested in determining whether laminate might be the best choice for them—to consult us directly about our laminate flooring sale choices and how each might fit into their own lifestyle and interior décor preferences.


Manufactured using an innovative process that fuses together several layers of materials specifically designed to add structural integrity and other necessary characteristics, this almost uncanny flooring product also features high-definition imaging to simulate the look of wood, tile or stone. The finished product does this so effectively, in fact, that you may find it difficult to visually differentiate the best laminate flooring from its pricier cousins: the high-end hardwoods, elegant tiles and classy natural stones that have been used for decades to adorn the finest homes.

The layer containing the image that so convincingly reproduces the look of the original material is topped by a clear protective layer that resists scratching and other damage, while allowing the beauty of the selected pattern to shine through. Additional layers provide structural stability, impact and moisture resistance and other practical features that contribute to long-term durability.

This high-quality craftsmanship is the result of today's state-of-the-art technology that has the power to join four or five layers of disparate materials together to create flooring sections that are easy to install, that wear well and that help you make the decorative statement that adds just the right character your home.

Laminate can be an excellent flooring option for those on a budget, those who have young children or pets and those who may be planning to install their new flooring in an area with high traffic or other vigorous activity. Both the cost of the flooring itself and the cost of installation are low in relation to other types of flooring.


Our Global Alliance Home Improvement Products professionals are always prepared to help our customers understand the features and benefits of the highest-quality laminate flooring Canada has to offer. Our laminate flooring sale philosophy and practice include always putting the customer first. This means being available to answer questions and explain the pros and cons of this flooring type to help ensure that every customer has the needed information to make an informed decision about the best flooring option for their individual living situation. If you are currently considering laminate, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and be sure to visit our Laminate Flooring Reviews page to learn what other customers think of this attractive, durable and affordable flooring option.

Laminate flooring is a layered synthetic type of flooring that is fused together using a lamination process. Generally, it resembles wood, tile, or stone through utilizing a photographic type of layer. This photographic vinyl layer is sandwiched between a composite wood back and a composite protective top layer.


Laminate plank is a fairly durable and inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring and its quality is assured by the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA). This association ensure flooring suppliers and manufacturers within the United States and Canada adhere to certain performance and testing criteria. The NALFA Certification Seal, which can be found on quality certified products, means that specific product has passed the following ten performance tests:

1.    Static Load: This measures the resistance to indentation over different periods as a result of a static or non-moving load.

2.    Thickness Swell: This measures the resistance to increase in thickness after it has been exposed to water.

3.    Light Resistance: This measures how well laminate flooring retains its colour when it’s exposed to light similar to that of the sun beaming through a window.

4.    Cleanability & Stain Resistance: This measures the ability of flooring to resist stains, and when exposed to common household substances how easy it is to clean.

5.    Large Ball Resistance: This measures how well laminate hardwood floors stands up to impact, fracture and breaking by a large diameter ball.

6.    Small Ball Resistance: This measures how well laminate floors stands up to impact, fracture, and breaking by a small diameter ball.

7.    Wear Resistance: This measures how well material resists abrasive wear and tear into the decorative or photographic vinyl layer.

8.    Dimension Tolerance: This takes into account the shape, length, thickness, width, squareness, straightness, and dimensional variances of individual tiles and between tiles.

9.    Castor Chair Resistance: Using a castor chair, this measures how well laminate boards maintains its appearance and stability when objects are moved across it.

10.  Surface Bond: This measures how much force it takes to split away the surface of a laminate plank or tile.



Affordable laminate flooring will look great in any room in your home or office, but it still needs appropriate care. It is important to keep it clean of dust, dirt, and other debris as the surface can be scratched over time, especially in higher traffic areas. Inexpensive laminate floors, Toronto contractors say, is a great way to add value to your home without breaking the bank. They’ll also tell you that it’s important to keep it dry at all times because sitting water can cause boards to swell and bubble. While laminate flooring is durable, placing felt pads or other materials on the legs of furniture is a good idea to prolong the life of the finish.



Barrie flooring contractors say, laminate has many benefits when compared to other types of flooring options. While cost is an obvious attraction, the versatility and durability cannot be ignored. Laminate flooring can also come in a much larger variety of patterns due to it being a printed strip of vinyl affixed to composite board. This printed strip of vinyl can come in a variety of realistic styles and colors, including stone, tile, and wood patterns.