Hardwood Flooring

Muirfield Oak Collection

Murifield floors offer the sleek yet comfortable look of a four-sided micro bevel. This lends an added layer of depth to the appearance of the floor boards to make them pop. Each piece of wood is cut to be 3/4” thick and is made from 100% hardwood. Then each board is glazed with CLARITAGE® Extra finish by PPG Industries as well as Mullican’s lifetime-warranty finish which allows your floors to look their best for much longer than they would with other hardwood floors. If you’re looking for the classic hardwood floor appeal consider Murifield floors. Even if you have a high amount of foot traffic in your home, these floors are built to accommodate many guests without the slightest signs of wear and tear.

Muirfield Maple Collection

St. Andrews Oak Collection

With St. Andrews Oaks, you’re able to capture the beauty of genuine oak and all that it has to offer. This type of hardwood brings warmth, beauty and character to any home.


Like with other products from Mullicans, this line also comes with, CLARITAGE® Extra finish in addition to Mullican’s lifetime-warranty finish. These stand to protect the look and condition of your oak floors for years. Andrews Oaks are available in a range of widths, from 2 ¼” to the more contemporary 5”.

Ol'Virginian Oak

This type of oak offers even more of the distinct beauty found in the classic oak tree. The deeper pigments with greater contrast offer a beautiful accent to any home. With this line find colour variation, knots as well classic mineral streaks common in the species.

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Hardwood floors are known to bring warmth and elegance to any home. They offer an excellent starting point for most styles of interior design. This type of flooring can last for up to three decades, and many believe that the character of the floor actually improves its aesthetic look of it over time. If you want to invest in the type of flooring that will bring the highest value to your home, authentic hardwood is a great choice.


Solid hardwood is made from harvested lumber and can be sanded and refinished again and again to renew its beauty. Aesthetically it works in almost any room, although it is not always suggested for below-grade locations, most commonly basements, since it can be vulnerable to moisture.


This type of flooring is usually pre-finished with polyurethane to enhance its appearance, help it achieve an elegant shine and also to give it a protective layer against chips and scratches. Common polyurethane finishes are semi-gloss, or matte. Semi-gloss finishes offer a glossy look that makes colors richer, whereas matte finishes are more flat and reduce the amount of light that reflects off of the floors surface. Matte finishes show less scratches and imperfections, and tend to be beneficial for homes with pets and children.