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Staircases are an integral part of the décor of a home or business. The staircase is usually the first thing a visitor sees when entering a building. The proportions, placement, materials and lighting all contribute to the aesthetic impact of stairs. Over time, stair treads, carpeting, railings and other stair details become worn. 

Stairs are often an overlooked element of a renovation. Refurbishing the staircase can restore the elegance and beauty to this important portion of your home or business. Stairs may look more worn than they really are. Hardwood stairs may show signs of wear but, if well-constructed, are usually strong and can be repaired. Renovation may include removing or replacing carpet, refurbishing or replacing treads and risers, repairing stair railings or balusters and repairing stair stringers. Adding new finishes such as veneers, paint, varnish, stain or carpet can update or freshen the look of any staircase. 

At Global Alliance Home Improvement Products, Inc., we do complete staircase re-facing and refinishing in your Ontario home or business establishment. We have offices in Glencairn, Wasaga Beach and Toronto. We provide free estimates. If you are considering a staircase renovation, be sure to call and speak to one of our experienced professionals about your needs and design ideas.

Elements of a Staircase

There are several elements of a staircase that contribute to its style and beauty. The materials stairs are made of are usually wood, stone, steel or tile. Each contributes to the décor and should complement the architectural style of the property. The parts of a staircase that can become worn and need to be refurbished include:

• Risers, the vertical face that separates the treads.
• Stringers, the sides of the stairway that support the tread and riser.
• Treads, the portion of the stairs that is walked on.
• Nosing, the edge of a step that extends beyond the riser. On the first tread, stair nosing may be wider and rounded. 
• Balusters and rails, the spindles or sticks that support the handrail. The balusters and rails are also called banisters or balustrades. Often, balusters are carved or shaped by a lathe to reflect the architectural style of a building. Balusters can also be made of iron.
• Winders, the triangular pieces that accommodate a turn in a staircase. Often several winders are used to accommodate the turn. 

Each element of a staircase can be refurbished, refreshed, updated or replaced if the overall condition is sound. If portions of the staircase are unsafe, a qualified staircase contractor can replace these elements. In some instances, an existing stairway can be removed, reconditioned and

What We Do

Our years of experience in home renovations and stairway renewal gives us the expertise to evaluate the condition of your stairway and make repairs that will make your staircase look like new. Thus, our first task is to evaluate the condition and safety of your existing stairs. If the stairs are unsafe or do not meet local building specifications, we determine whether renovation is possible or if replacement is better. This evaluation takes into account your budget, complexity of the work and condition of the stairs.

In most instances, renovation work is completed on site. We do not remove the staircase; instead, we do the renovation with the staircase in place. The process may include removing old carpet, removing staples, filling nail holes or flaws in the wood, sanding, replacing worn elements and refinishing. If you would like to update the look, our designers will work with you to come up with a style and look that suits your taste. 

We craft new pieces such as treads, risers and balusters in our workshop. You select the materials to be used. We then install the new elements at your home or business. We can also move existing stairs. 

Depending on the complexity of the work, refinishing stairs takes between five and ten days. After we evaluate the condition of the stairs and railings, we will devise a repair and renovation plan. If you need to use the stairs while renovation is in process, we will work with you to make sure you have access to your upper floors. 

Replacing Elements

There are several elements of a staircase that can be restored or replaced. Stair nosing and the first tread on a staircase may show the greatest signs of wear. We can sand and reshape existing nosing if it is not too worn. We can also fashion new nosing. 

We match wooden stair detailing so that new wood matches or complements existing wood. We work with different types of natural wood, particularly Canadian timber. In addition, we offer engineered hardwoods and laminates. We recommend natural wood for staircases for both durability and aesthetics. However, depending on the type of use and final design, engineered woods and laminates also look good.

We operate one of the largest carpet showrooms in the Toronto area. If you need to replace stair carpet, we can help you find a suitable look. Stairway carpet is usually sold as stairway runners. However, you are not limited to runners. Any carpet can be cut and bound to create the look you want. We offer a variety of colors, textures and yarns to create just the look you desire. Our professional team can fashion and install carpet runners on your newly refurbished stairs. 

Updating an Outdated Look

If you want a new look, we will work with you to come up with a design that suits your taste. Often, replacing the balustrade with modern materials such as glass or metal, adding new stair carpet runners and applying new paint on the risers will give a completely new look.

Color makes a world of difference to the appearance of a staircase. If you are undertaking a whole-house renovation, be sure to include the stairs in your décor scheme. Paint can transform a stairway from a dark, ho-hum element to a vibrant centerpiece that shows off your home or business. 

Varnishes and stains can be used to bring out the luster of wood, creating a sparkle and sheen that enhances the natural beauty. We make sure that the new stains are compatible with the base. Water-based stains cannot be applied over oil-based stains without proper preparation and new primers.

After completing a staircase renovation, you may decide to install carpet runners. Although this covers a portion of the newly restored stairs, stair carpets serve an important purpose. In particular, they provide an element of safety by reducing slipperiness. They can also enhance the aesthetics of the stairs. 

How to Contact Us 

We are available by telephone during regular business hours at our offices that serve our customers in Ontario:

• Toronto, phone number (416) 730-1830, serves Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and North York. 
• Glencairn, phone number (705) 466-9997, serves Angus, Alliston, Barrie, Creemore and Orangeville. 
• Wasaga Beach, phone number (705) 352-5552, serves Collingwood, Stayner and Midland.
• Kitchener – Guelph, phone numbers (519) 836-0000 and (877) 926-9997, serves Waterloo, Cambridge, Milton and nearby communities. 

We can also be reached by email at or by message through our website: We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We provide free estimates. Feel free to call and speak to one of our office staff to discuss your project. We will schedule a visit to your property so that we can evaluate the condition of your stairway and provide a plan for rehabilitation. 

We want to make sure that your newly renovated staircase becomes the focal point of your home and enhances the beauty of your living space. Our design team can provide samples of materials and advice about what will complement the existing staircase and your home. We have several well-stocked warehouses in the greater Toronto area, making your selection of materials efficient and timely. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will help you find it. 

Our personalized service, competitive pricing and professional experience help make your renovation a success.