Trims and Mouldings

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Whether you are planning a home renovation project or deciding on the decorative embellishments you’ll use for each of the rooms in the home you’re building, there are many types of interior moulding to help you achieve the look you desire. Understanding what types are available and how each is used is the first step toward creating the home of your dreams. You’ll then be better prepared to put your creative ingenuity to work to choose just the right pieces to add a unique character and ambiance to every room in your home. The dramatic difference these decorative edging materials will make may surprise you.


For many years, homeowners have made good use of baseboards, window and door trim and other less-standard types of decorative edging to create the exact look, feel, mood and atmosphere they envisioned for their homes. This is a tradition that many smart modern homeowners and builders have continued. These creatively combined finishing touches have allowed them to add warmth, charm and appeal to rooms that might otherwise appear stark, bare, cold and unimpressive. Simply by adding crown moulding and other specialized types of decorative trim to their interior décor, enterprising homeowners and interior decorators have “opened up” small, gloomy rooms, brightening them, allowing them to “breathe” and making them look and feel more spacious. These are but a few tricks of the trade that professional decorators and knowledgeable interior decorating suppliers like Global Alliance understand and can help you utilize to your greatest advantage.



Adding these decorative touches to your rooms can make an otherwise plain and unadorned space look stately or regal, if that’s the look you’re seeking, or it can simply add interest, giving your living area a more finished, polished look. With these precisely manufactured construction finishing materials close at hand, the variety of stylistic touches you can achieve is virtually endless, limited only by your imagination and your natural aesthetic sensibilities. The more creative your approach, the better as you select and combine the various moulding types into a look that truly expresses your personal sense of beauty, harmony, and style.

The decorative edging you add to your rooms can range from refreshingly simple to elegantly ornate, depending on the finished look you desire to achieve. If your personal aesthetic is more on the minimalist side, you will obviously want to make greater use of the less-intricately carved baseboard designs, combining them with more basic shoe mouldings, and you’ll tend to make minimal, if any, use of crown mouldings. The casings you add around windows and doors trim will also tend to be on the plainer side. On the other hand, if a more classical or glamorous look is desired, the more ornately carved choices would make the most sense. A few other looks you’ll find refreshingly simple to create using the right combination of finish-work include Rustic, Contemporary, Traditional, Early American, Colonial and Greek.


The ultimate decision for how you decorate your home is yours alone to make, though our experienced decorative consultants are always available to confer with you, explain your options, discuss your decorating goals and help you determine the best way to achieve them. Are baseboards and window and door trim enough for the look you want, or would you be better able to achieve your home decorating goals by adding crown moulding to embellish your home’s upper walls and ceiling edges and enhance the overall look of the room? Even if you would prefer to go for a plainer look, would shoe moulding be a good addition to that baseboard to give it a more finished look? These are questions that can be better answered by fully understanding your options, carefully considering the look and mood you’d like to create and seeking the advice of an expert who can help you more easily fit all the pieces of your room design “puzzle” together.


Your home has fairly unlimited potential when it comes to room design, though you’ll always want to take a number of factors into consideration when planning the design embellishments for each portion of your living space. A few of these include your home’s architecture and the limitations or possibilities it might afford, the room features you’d like to highlight, the similarity or difference between the pieces you plan to use and their degree of suitability to one another for creating a cohesive and balanced design. Some of these pieces of certain types or sizes might tend to overpower others, creating an unbalanced look. This is where your interior decorating professional can help. He or she will have the necessary training and experience to help you understand the interplay between the various elements of interior design and how each affects the others.

Perhaps you’ll opt to combine several different types of wall, window and door trim to create a built-up, or stacked, look that can help you add even more stately elegance to your home while further personalizing your room’s design. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to discovering the many ways these decorative building design elements can be used to create a completely customized stylistic approach to enhancing the attractiveness of your home.


Adding decorative edging such as crown mouldings, baseboard door trim and shoe moulding to an existing room is actually one of the lowest-cost ways to remodel your home. Because adding these embellishments is simply finish-work, they are added over already existing walls and ceilings and around existing doors and windows. This means that no tearing out or rebuilding of walls is required to transform the entire look of a room, a staircase, a hallway or foyer. This is very good news for budget-minded homeowners who are interested in an affordable way to redecorate, refresh or update the look of their homes with minimal effort and maximum return on investment. At Global Alliance, we can help you create real value with simple home upgrades that put minimal strain on your budget.


At Global Alliance Home Improvement Products Inc, we offer a comprehensive selection of trim types and styles that will help you design a room—or an entire home—you’ll be proud of. Whatever look you prefer, we can provide the well-crafted finishing materials that are most compatible with your decorative goals, helping you move forward with your project to enhance your home’s décor. Our experts are always standing by to give you the guidance you need to get started and to offer you continued support until your project’s completion. Please take a moment to browse our selection of decorative edging materials, and then give us a call to let us know how we can help.