laminate flooring - wild pear

Krono laminate flooring "Wild Pear"


What laminate flooring sale selection would be complete without Wild Pear? A true masterpiece of design and engineering prowess, this top-quality Krono laminate flooring option brings together all the elements that spell customer satisfaction. With every layer manufactured and crafted to bring the best of modern flooring technology to our customers, we are proud to offer this line of laminate flooring in yet another true-to-life design and color choice. It is our commitment to provide a versatility of color and design that enables every customer to choose the ideal flooring for his or her home. We believe that by ensuring that every homeowner has the widest available selection of flooring models to choose from, we are also helping to ensure that each home truly reflects the personal aesthetic and creative vision of its decorator. Next to product quality, this is one of our most important goals.


  • Installation: Float/Drop Loc
  • Finish: textured
  • Emission Class : E-1
  • Abrasion Class : AC3
  • Made in Germany


  • 12mm x 5″ (123mm) x 50-1/2″


  • Residential: 35 years
  • Commercial: 5 years