laminate flooring - Pika

Krono laminate flooring "Pika"


Coming home will be a pleasure and spending time there an extraordinary experience with this sleek, brown-hued flooring that will beautify your rooms while creating a homey feel. To add even greater comfort to any room in your home, this high-quality laminate is E-1 certified to ensure that your environment is free from harmful chemicals that can lead to breathing issues. Perfect for those who have young children in the home, this Krono laminate flooring choice is one you can be confident that those little ones will be able to crawl, sit, lie and play on without worry. That’s why Pika laminate flooring offers everything you need for long-lasting, trouble-free use. With its dependable 35-year residential guarantee, you’ll know you’re covered for the entire useful life of the product.


  • Installation: Float/Drop Loc
  • Finish: textured
  • Emission Class : E-1
  • Abrasion Class : AC3
  • Made in Germany


  • 12mm x 5″ (123mm) x 50-1/2″


  • Residential: 35 years
  • Commercial: 5 years