Staircases are constructed to shorten a vertical distance into small steps and help one to connect to all areas of the house. The staircase is divided into three parts. First, the part where one steps on is called the tread. Second, the distance between each staircase can be referred as the riser. Finally, nosing, which is the sharp part of the tread that projects towards the riser. You have probably thought of changing something down the staircase. The staircase is one of the most eye-catching parts of a house, therefore, doing something to it gives the whole house a glamorous look. You can decide to paint the staircase using different paint colors or patterns. 
There exist six types of staircases. First, is the straight staircases are the most common. They are easy to ascend and descend and easy to construct. However, they take a large amount of space to design. Second, is the quarter turn staircase which has a 90-degree bend at the transition point. It is an interesting staircase design, and it tends to offer privacy by forming a visual barrier between floors. On the other hand, quarter turn staircases are hard to build since they require more skills in planning. Third, we have the half turn staircases. These staircases are easy to design and allows one to rest as they go up the staircase. Next, are winder staircases which have a pie-shaped landing compared to straight staircases. They consume less space and are therefore recommended for a small house. The fifth type of staircases is the spiral staircases. The treads of a spiral staircase diverge from a center pole. They are compatible, hence, use limited space and appear attractive. However, they cannot accommodate more than one person and are challenging to navigate. Finally, we have the curved staircases, which are more spacious than spiral staircases. They are easy to walk on but, most challenging to build.


Stairs Railing

Stair railing is vital in ensuring safety when one is walking down the staircase. You could use modern wooden rails for your staircase. These rails are classified according to the type of wood used to make them. Different varieties of wooden rails include pinus radiate which is delicate and can break easily. Besides, walnut is a reliable and durable wood. You should ensure to get classic rails which give a good impression of your home.
It is essential to consult a building constructor when it comes to the stair railing. Contractors know how to achieve a beautiful and safe staircase. Also, they advise on the height of the rail basing their observation on the people in the house. For instance, if a home has old or small children, one must consider lowering the treads

Stair Treads

Stair treads can be covered or painted. Stair treads can either be straight or curved. When purchasing a stair tread, it is essential to consider whether the type of wood used is secure. Also, one should note that the tread cannot work without a riser. Adding treads and risers to a staircase is easy. You need to lay all the treads and risers on the ground. Then use a brush to apply some paint on the riser and add walnut wax on treads. Ensure you apply the wax until you achieve the desired color, and the width size fits with that of the staircase. Afterwards, you can use a construction grade adhesive and a brad nailer to install the treads.

Stairs Refinishing


Refinishing stairs is a process that makes them look attractive. However, the process of refinishing stairs should be carried out with caution to avoid disappointments associated with colors. Stair refinishing includes staining. The following steps outline how what to be done during stairs refinishing.
First, one is required to remove staircase vicinity which includes decorative materials, covers, and rugs.
Second, sand the threads and risers with sandpaper. You should also ensure that all openings are covered to avoid spreading dust.
Use a chemical stripper and a brush to apply it on the stair surface and give it time to dry. Remove the old stains and clean the staircases.
Next, apply the stain as per the instructions are given by the manufacturer. 
After the stain dries up, the next step is to varnish. You are required to sand the threads and risers before applying the varnish. This will ensure that the staircase appears neat and attractive
The final step in refinishing stairs is to paint the staircase. After the paint has dried up, clean the brushes thoroughly and store. They can be of help the next time your stairs need to be refinished.
Refinishing stairs that were carpeted is another activity in staircase design. You need to use a razor blade to cut off the carpet and eradicate it. Once you are done removing the carpet, pull out the tack stripes using a hammer. Then, remove the paddings that were used to install the carpet. At this point, you can sand the staircase and apply four coats of the paint. You must ensure that each layer dries up before painting another one. Refinishing carpeted staircases will give your staircase a new look which you might have anticipated for years.
Another stair activity is refinishing old stairs. This is done to achieve the initial look of the staircase. There are pretty ideas of making over those ugly old staircases. One, you can use coconut oil. You need to sand the case and clean it with soapy water. Then, apply several coats of coconut oil using a clean cloth and leave it to dry. You will notice the restoration of the wood color and rehydration, which makes it appear shiny and beautiful.
Another idea is using java gel to paint the staircases. This requires you to sand the staircase and tape off the areas that need coats of the gel. Then apply a few coats of java gel. After the gel dries, ensure to do a poly coat.
There are staircase ideas that can make a home look elegant. You might consider paint ideas. They consist of, crisp pattern. Here you can decide to apply a similar color to the treads and have the same color pattern on the risers. You might also love some design art creations. Here you can install removable panels with nature drawings such as waterfalls on the risers. Also, ensure that threads and rails remain woody.
Staircases can be modeled to serve multiple functions. You can construct bookshelves or set up a games corner under the staircases. This gives your staircase that organized look. Also, you can use the space beneath the staircase for storage. This might be the nosing or the riser part. Mostly, the nosing area is used for storing shoes or wine collection, which make the house organized. Moreover, you can decide to lower your living room in such a way that one will have to use a stairway to get to it. This gives a beautiful view of the sitting room, and it appears to be more spacious.
There are four essential considerations when it comes to selecting staircases and designing staircases. The most important factor is the safety of your family as they go up and down the stairs. As a result, it is appropriate to design stairs with a proper landing. Second, you need to prepare a budget for the type of staircase that you want. Third, you should consider the amount of space available in your house. This helps one to settle for an exciting design that fits the house. Lastly, it is essential to consider the design and durability of the staircase. However, staircase designs are limited to the amount of space.
There are numerous ways of decorating staircases. You can use decorative brackets. Another idea would be installing some decorative lights on walls alongside the stairway. You should ensure that the kind of lights installed matches integrates with the staircase color and design. Therefore, it is essential to consider the size of your staircase. Putting some décor college on your stairway also gives a fantastic effect to your staircase. Besides, some staircases might have a significant staircase landing top, which can be used to put some plants.
Staircases have gone through structural transformation deploying existing arts in architectural technology. Earliest design staircases are straight staircases which, then came the helical and elliptical staircases. This showcase the power of creativity and talent of design architects. Also, the staircase is designed to serve multiple purposes. For example, staircases that are developed using rare woods are used to show a level of class or royalty. Others are designed with the aim of implementing the current architectural interior design technology. Another purpose of staircase design is to conserve space. Such staircases are called stairwells and are mostly spiral.
Also, a well-designed staircase with a definite set of steps can be used for working out. Walking or running up and down the staircase enhances overall health and body fitness. Luckily, this can be done on any staircase design. Staircases also offer a place for kids to play games while sitting on the staircase.