When it comes to hardwood flooring, opinions are pretty split on what the best type of hardwood flooring is. You will get all sorts of different reasons why one area's hardwood flooring is the best over another areas. While you can't objectively find that one area's hardwood flooring in Barrie is the best, you can make a strong case with your opinion that one is better than the rest. In our humble opinion, Canadian hardwood flooring is the absolute best flooring that you can go with.

In this post, we're going to go in depth with our look at why Canadian hardwood flooring is the best.


It's the forests.

canadian hardwood flooring

Believe it or not, over ten percent of the world's forests are located within the confines of Canada. There are so many different types of forest, all with their own subtype, topography, soil, and climate. Each of the forest regions produces a distinct type of hardwood floors that is of high quality across the board.

There are five main regions in Canada that are relegated to the forest. These are the Montane Forest Region which grows coniferous trees, the Mixed Forest Region that has hardwoods like black walnut, birch, and maple, the most productive West Coast Forest region, and the Boreal Forest Region, which grows black spruce. The last area is the Taiga Forest Area, but it isn't very accessible and so isn't used as much as others.

It's so strong.


There are several different types of wood that are grown in Canada, such as beech, ash, birch, maple, and oak. The coldness of the climate does a very good job in making the wood as high quality as it is Because of the coldness, the wood grows slower, which results in tighter and stronger wood. The tones of color are also more consistent this way.

Because of all this, Canadian hardwood has a reputation as being the best quality material for flooring. The Canadian wood has a consistency of patterns and tightness in the growth rings that other types of wood simply don't have. Designers and architects are always looking into ways that they can incorporate Canadian maple hardwood floors into their designs.


It's environmentally sound.

Canada is overall considered to be low risk when it comes to EU timer regulations. This strict statute makes it so that those who acquire this wood don't have to worry about it being derived from illegal timber that would be more environmentally destructive.

You can trust it.

Since Canada's hardwood is sourced with the strictest of environmental regulations put in place, you can trust that it will be of the highest quality. There are other types of hardwood that are sourced via illegal means that can't be trusted, but not Canadian hardwood.

Because of this trustworthiness, you can focus more on building the flooring of your dreams and less on wondering if this maple hardwood flooring is up to snuff. You'll see quickly whether you can trust each type of flooring that you buy, but you don't have to worry if you're purchasing Canadian hardwood.

The grain in Canadian hardwood is superior to wood grain that you'll find elsewhere. The patterns are visually striking and will make a serious visual contrast to whatever else you put in the room. It's by providing this sort of beautiful wood grain that your room will take on a gorgeous look.

This wood has the sort of strength that will prove to be the difference-maker between this and other kinds of flooring. Other woods might be grown in more temperate climates, which allows the wood to be softer. However, the cold winters that Canada often sees also conspire to make the hardwood stronger through a slower growth process.

Canada is the natural option to find hardwood, as ten percent of the world's forests are located there. There isn't just one or even several different options for types of hardwood, but there are near a dozen. This will allow you to pick and choose what kind of wood you want for your flooring so that you have a wealth of options that you can choose from.

You have choices.

Since there are so many varieties of flooring at your disposal when you go Canadian, you have so many different options to choose from when you're looking to get flooring for your home.

Whatever you need in your maple hardwood flooring, you can find it in Canadian varieties. The flooring types that you can get your hands on are simply numerous. You have birch, beech, ash, oak, and maple.

More than this, though, you have the endless varieties of specific flooring that can be made from each of these varieties of wood. There are so many types of hardwood that can be made from each of these varieties that it can't be adequately stated just how many there are.

Imagine that you want to have birch hardwood on one floor, and maybe maple on another. Maybe you want beech in your kitchen and ash in your first floor landing. There are few combinations that can't be done. You can have a different type of hardwood type on each of the floors of the home.

They follow regulations.


Since Canada follows EU timber regulations when installing hardwood floors, you don't have to worry about the wood you've gotten being environmentally irresponsible. The wood that's sourced is sourced through environmentally friendly means and is always legally sourced.

There are other wood providers who source their wood illegally and don't follow regulations, leading to flooring that isn't of the highest quality and which has been tarnished with the stain of illegality.

When you're looking for hardwood flooring, you should be looking for a source that is legal and gotten through environmentally friendly means. The unfortunate truth is that there are all too many people who are willing to source their hardwood illegally and not follow the posted regulations.


It's trusted.

Canadian hardwood flooring is the best because it's the most trusted, bar none. There are more people by far who will trust and go with Canadian hardwood flooring than there are who will go with other types.

The reason for the trust that has been garnered is the fact that Canada follows the EU timber regulations, the high quality of the hardwood types, and the strength and beauty of the wood.

That's a point that isn't mentioned enough when it comes to the wood itself is the beauty of it. The wood is very aesthetically pleasing and is selected specifically for that purpose. The wood is commonly sourced from Canadian forests and delivered directly to customers to marvel at the beauty of it before it's installed into the floor.

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