Why Choose Carpet Flooring?

The Advantages of Carpet

selecting carpet flooring


While everyone's flooring needs differ, there are quite a few good reasons for choosing carpeted flooring. Whether carpeting the entire home or only certain rooms, considering the wide variety of looks, composition and other features this versatile floor covering offers can help savvy homeowners make wise decisions as they seek to create the indoor haven they've always dreamed of. 

Carpeted floors provide benefits such as the following for indoor work or living spaces:

Decorative Versatility: Many fiber, weave and color options are available for customizing floor coverings to match and enhance any décor. This wide variety of choices can help the home decorator add a uniquely defining character to every room. 


Affordability: While price ranges vary, choices such as Berber carpet in certain fiber types can be very economical. This flooring option can also be more affordable in general than other more specialized flooring types due to lower manufacturing, installation, and maintenance costs.

Comfort: Carpets make floors softer and easier to walk, sit, play, crawl or lie on. Many people prefer this flooring choice for a living room or den as it tends to add a cozier aspect to the room.

Ease of Maintenance: Today's fibers — and especially the tight, looped weaves of some types of Berber carpet — are highly stain resistant, making these floor coverings easier to maintain. Regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning are usually all it takes to keep them looking their best. Some types of flooring require more specialized care.

Durability: When fiber, weave and pile are carefully selected based on the amount of traffic and other kinds of punishment an indoor area is likely to receive, carpet can maintain its structural integrity, as well as its attractiveness, for many years.

Air Quality: Studies show that indoor carpets trap allergens within their fibers, improving air quality by minimizing the number of airborne particles that remain aloft, creating breathing issues. Wool fibers, such as those used to make some Berber carpet, can also help regulate humidity, improving air quality by preventing mold growth in overly humid environments and releasing moisture into the room when the air is too dry.

Noise Reduction: Wall-to-wall carpeted floors absorb sound and therefore reduce the amount of noise transmitted from room to room and from floor to floor. This is even more effective when padding is also used. This complementary combination helps create a quieter, more peaceful environment for family members and neighbors alike.

Energy Savings: Carpeted flooring provides insulation that can hold in heat during the winter months, minimizing energy loss and making heating more cost effective. The insulation value of carpeted floors increases still further when thick foam padding is used during installation. Making wool the fiber of choice will further enhance the ability of carpeted flooring to maximize warmth in winter and improve cooling in summer.

Accident Prevention: Preventing slips and cushioning falls are two more valuable benefits of carpeted floors. Homeowners with young children or elderly family members would do well to give special consideration to this benefit when deciding which type of flooring to install — particularly since throw rugs, which may be needed with other types of flooring, can make tripping or slipping more likely among these age groups.

Recyclability: Much of today's carpeting is recyclable, thanks to advances in technology, drastically reducing the need for the industry to place undue strain on our planet's resources. This not only makes the flooring industry more sustainable, but its benefits are spread to other industries as well, as a variety of other products are manufactured from the recycled fibers, eliminating the need for continuously seeking new sources of raw materials to create these products. In addition to floor coverings and padding, some of these products include auto parts, parking stops and plastic lumber.

Deciding Whether to Carpet Your Space

Whether or not to cover the flooring in a given room is an individual decision that every homeowner must make after carefully considering the family's needs. A few factors that will play a pivotal role in that decision include personal preference, decorative goals, family makeup, budget, room layout and local climate. Taking all these elements into account and discussing any technical details with your Global Alliance Home Improvement Products flooring professional will arm you to make the right choice for your family and your space. Contact us at 705-466-9997 for further information.

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