2015 Flooring Trends

2015 Flooring Trends: Homeowners Embrace Rustic Look

Flooring is the foundation of every room. As a high-budget item, its expense means all other design choices must flow from the ground up. Conventional wisdom says that you should start with a neutral foundation and then accent it with colorful walls and furniture. However, the stunning flooring options available on the market today allow your walking space to become the focal point of every room. 

Many of the trends that have popped up in residential homes throughout 2015 embrace a natural look that offers timeless appeal. The variety of options for modern hardwood flooring and laminate flooring are quite diverse, allowing homeowners to create custom designs that reflect their personalities, compliment the architecture of their homes and suit their lifestyles. Whether you are remodeling your Toronto condo or replacing the hardwood flooring in your Barrie home, you will find exactly what you need at Global Alliance Home Improvement Products. 

Returning to Rustic Roots

Rustic is the buzzword in the flooring industry this year. As homeowners seek ways to flip sterile houses into cozy homes, they are replicating worn-in flooring that looks as if it has been passed down for generations. In some cases, this is actually true. Reclaimed wood from old beams, framing, flooring and barn siding is trending right now as is natural wood that showcases organic imperfections, such as worm holes. Since salvage projects can get pricy, more affordable machine distressed and hand scraped wood flooring options are rising in popularity. These rustic materials work well in high-traffic areas that are likely to sustain damage and are perfect for creating a customized design. 

Creating Bigger Spaces with Wider Planks

One of the easiest ways to visually open up a small room is to install planks that are wider than the traditional 2 1/4-inches across. Homeowners are experimenting with longer boards that measure from 3 inches to 7 inches wide to create spacious-feeling floor plans that are not broken up by so many seams. Larger planks also give off a more rustic vibe since they have historically been used in hand-built homes. 

Due to the material's susceptibility to humidity changes, bulkier boards require extra steps in the installation process. The layout also needs larger gaps to accommodate the inevitable expansion and contraction -- it will swell with high humidity and shrink under the pressure of moisture-sucking forced air heat. These fluctuations vary by the type of wood used. Cherry, for instance, is more stable than hickory.

Making a Strong Statement with Color Choices

Selecting a statement color for the flooring in your home is a perfect way to flaunt your personal style. Dark stains remain a popular choice because they create a contemporary feel. However, homeowners are moving away from the trend of dark brown espresso. Those who want a warmer ambience are instead opting for shades such as Ebony, Jacobean and Tuscan. One way to break up the blocky feel of a dark stain is to alternate two or three colors to create a unique design pattern. Dark colors can make a room feel smaller, require more frequent maintenance and highlight scratches, animal hair and dirt.

Flooring with gray tones is a trend that has been hot in Europe and is now popping up in North American showrooms. The unusual color, which is currently dominating the home interior industry, makes a strong statement yet provides a neutral palette for blending with colorful décor. It also compliments nearly every aesthetic whether you are seeking a contemporary or country look. You can find hardwood flooring and laminate flooring options in a range of colors from soft pewter to bold charcoal to sleek graphite. 

Another break from tradition influenced by European tastes is the growing use of matte and low semi-gloss finishes instead of shiny polyurethane. These flatter stains produce a warmer, richer feel and a more authentic look that showcases the texture of the wood. While a gloss level lower than 30 percent can add depth to the flooring, it also can make a room feel smaller since light does not reflect off the floor's surface. Like matte wall paint, this technique is low-maintenance. It is easy to clean and maintain, stands up well to the scratches and dents in high-traffic areas and hides dust. 

Many of these trends are available in common flooring choices, including oak, maple and laminate. Global Alliance Home Improvement Products is your greater Toronto source for hardwood flooring from Barrie to Vaughan. Our experts can help you pick out the perfect hardwood flooring or laminate flooring that is equally timeless and fashion forward.

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